BakeMax America BABM002 Bread Crumb Machine

The BakeMax America BABM002 Bread Crumb Machine (or Bread Mill) makes bread crumbs easily with its powerful 0.5 HP motor producing up to 176 lb of crumbs an hour. Provides high performance and easy maintenance. 


  • Body constructed steel and has an epoxy finish

  • 0.5HP Motor Produces up to 176 lbs. of Crumbs/Hour

  • Suitable for dried up bread or rolls and crackers. (Bread & rolls should be cut up into small pieces before being placed in the hopper.)

  • Comes standard with a Galvanized steel screen 2mm holes

  • Blade made of SAE 1020 steel

  • Anti-slip rubber feet

  • 1 year limited warranty

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