BAS36-12 – 36″ Range with Two Burners & Griddle

The BakeMax America BAS36-12 – Two Burner Gas Range w/ 24” Manual Griddle is designed to provide the ultimate in performance and durability. Allowing you to roast and cook a wide range of meals, with efficiency, convenience at an affordable price.



• Stainless Steel panel and sides
• 14” guage polished stainless steel plate
• ¾” thick polished carbon steel working griddle plate.
• Fully welded griddle plate.
• Enamelled burners placed every 12”, providing uniformity when operating.
• Accessible pilots through front panel.
• Easily removable stainless steel griddle grease trap.


• Stainless Steel panel and sides.
• 12”x12” cast iron top grates designed for easy movement of pots across top sections.
• Deflectors to direct waste to crumb/drip pan.
• Large front panel, promoting safety and great functionality.
• Black paint injected aluminum knobs providing for better toughness and durability.
• Easily removable stainless steel crumb/drip pan.


• Oven with snap action thermostat from 210°F to 550°F and 100% safety shut off.
• 26.5” Standard Bakery depth on all ovens.
• Double Sided enamel oven cavity.
• Heavy-duty oven wired rack – 1/8” diameter.
• Counterweight balanced doors

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