BakeMax BMDMS-18 Manual Pizza Press

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The BakeMax BMDMS-18 is an economical manual pizza dough press, perfect for low to medium production volumes (75-100/hr). It is a fast, safe, simple, mess free (no flour needed) alternative to hand tossing or sheeting/rolling your pizza dough. The dough press is an easy, affordable way to improve your production time, as well as your finished product. The BMDMS-18 is a swing away design with an upper heated platen.

Heated Upper Platen:

  • Aids dough flow

  • Allows dough to be pressed straight from refrigeration unit

  • Helps keep dough from shrinking back

  • Keeps dough from sticking to upper platen

  • Will help activate yeast for faster proofing if desired

Variable Thickness Control:

  • Makes it possible to achieve desired thickness and ensures consistent thickness at the same dough ball weight


  • 18” Platen allows for making variable crust sizes and thickness up to 18 inches – the size of the crust is determined by the weight of the dough ball and the thickness setting.

  • Depends on the desired size of the crust

  1. 9” to 18” = 75-100/hr

  2. 7” to 9” = 150-200/hr

  3. 6” or under = 300/400/hr

Pressing Tips:

  • Recommended Times:

  1. Warm dough: moderate to high yeast = 2 seconds

  2. Cold dough: moderate yeast = 4-6 seconds

  3. Cold dough: small amount of yeast = 8 seconds

  • Recommended Temperature:

  1. Warm dough – 110°F

  2. Cold dough – 150°F


  • Presses require no skilled labor unlike hand tossing

  • Presses are safe and have no age requirements unlike sheeters/rollers

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