With over 60 years in the Food Service industry, we take pride in the products we offer to our customers throughout North America. From our Mixers to Ranges and everything in between, the BakeMax & BakeMax America family of products dates all the way back to 1966. What makes our brand so special is the quality of our products combined with the knowledge and experience of our staff.

The team at TVI is here to serve you, the customer. We strive to excel in technical support of our BakeMax & BakeMax America product lines before and after the sale. If you have not experienced the value of a BakeMax & BakeMax America products, why not find out why we are one of the fastest growing brands in North America.

Product Categories

BakeMax America Cooking Line

Designed to provide the ultimate in performance and durability. The BakeMax America line is built to the highest commercial standards to ensure years of trouble free service, featuring superior frame construction and stainless-steel exterior for easy maintenance.

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Bakery & Pizza Equipment

From Deck Ovens to Mixers and Sheeters to Pizza warmers, our Bakery & Pizza Equipment has been serving Bakeries , Pizzerias and Restaurants across North America for over 25 years.

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BakeMax Cooking Equipment

Commercial cooking equipment is the key to any successful kitchen and having the right equipment will play a vital role in its efficiency. From ranges to deck ovens and toasters to hot plates. We’ve got something for every kitchen.

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Food Preparation Equipment

Every Chef understands the importance of having fresh foods on their menu and the ability to offer them quickly and efficiently. That’s why having the proper equipment is key to every kitchen’s success. The BakeMax line of Food Preparation Equipment will help improve your food consistency and improve kitchen productivity.

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BakeMax Refrigerated Display Cases

Display your food while keeping them at food safe temperatures with a BakeMax refrigerated  display case. Offering both full and self-service units, they are perfect for increasing impulse sales in restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, concession stands, and snack stations.

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