New 2 Year Warranty

Yes, We Did It Again! We’ve increased our warranty on more items to 2 Years Parts & Labor. Giving you more piece of mind when you buy.

New Items with 2 Year Warranty:

BMPM020 – BMPM120 Heavy Duty Planetary Mixers

BMSM & BMRS Series Spiral Mixers

BMWM Series Water Meters

BMDBR03 Rounder

BMDD005 Divider Rounder Combo

Items That Already Have a 2 Year Warranty:

BakeMax America Ranges

BakeMax America Convection Ovens

BakeMax America Combi Ovens

BakeMax America Griddles

BakeMax America Charbroilers

BakeMax America Hot Plates

Items You Can Purchase an Extended Warranty:

BMPME Series Planetary Mixers

BMPM007 – BMPM012 Planetary Mixers

BMBT030 Hydraulic Dough Divider

BMBD Series Semi-Automatic Divider Rounders

BMBDF36 Fully Automatic Bun Divider Rounder

BMMDM01 Dough Moulder

BMCCD01 Continuous Dough Divider

BMDBR01 Dough Ball Rounder

Warranty & Service

One year parts and labor limited warranty on most items, there are select items which carry a two warranty. Extended warranty is available on some products. Call for details.

For all warranty claims proof of purchase is required to claim warranty.

Warranty begins 10 days after shipping from warehouse; delays in installation which would extend the warranty must be approved.

All equipment must be installed and connected by qualified professionals in accordance with the manual specification.

Any abuse of equipment or improper use of machinery will void the warranty. Including failure to follow all instructions in operations manual. Properly install, maintain equipment, follow capacity charts, or electrical information.

Accessories, attachments, or electrical components such as fuses, bulbs, elements and switches are covered under a 90 day warranty. Repairs include Parts and Labor only, excluded is the following:

  1. Overtime Labor Rates

  2. Expedited Freight for Parts

  3. Bakemax® assumes no responsibility for down time or loss of product. All defective parts must be returned to Bakemax® for credit. Repairs must be pre-authorized by Bakemax® prior to work commencing.

  4. Travel time is not covered by Bakemax®, unless pre-authorized by Bakemax®.


Bench Warranty (Machines Weighing 100 lb or less)

For all warranty claims proof of purchase is required to claim warranty. One year parts and labor warranty, from date of purchase.

Once machine is approved for warranty then machine is to be shipped prepaid to authorized service depot. Customer will ship machine prepaid to authorized service depot. if machine requires warranty work in less than 30 days of purchasing Bakemax® will pay all shipping charges. (Freight damages during shipping for warranty is the responsibility of the owner of the machine.)

Once machine is received and repaired it will be returned to the user at Bakemax® expense.

**Bakemax® machines sold outside of the continental North America will carry one year parts warranty only.