New 2 Year Warranty

Yes, We Did It Again! We’ve increased our warranty on more items to 2 Years Parts & Labor. Giving you more piece of mind when you buy.

New Items with 2 Year Warranty:

BMPM020 – BMPM120 Heavy Duty Planetary Mixers

BMSM & BMRS Series Spiral Mixers

BMWM Series Water Meters

BMDBR03 Rounder

BMDD005 Divider Rounder Combo

Items That Already Have a 2 Year Warranty:

BakeMax America Ranges

BakeMax America Convection Ovens

BakeMax America Combi Ovens

BakeMax America Griddles

BakeMax America Charbroilers

BakeMax America Hot Plates

Items You Can Purchase an Extended Warranty:

BMPME Series Planetary Mixers

BMPM007 – BMPM012 Planetary Mixers

BMBT030 Hydraulic Dough Divider

BMBD Series Semi-Automatic Divider Rounders

BMBDF36 Fully Automatic Bun Divider Rounder

BMMDM01 Dough Moulder

BMCCD01 Continuous Dough Divider

BMDBR01 Dough Ball Rounder