Planetary Mixers vs Spiral Mixers

It is very important to fully review your needs when choosing a mixer, as choosing the wrong style or size can slow down the operation of your business. Each mixer has its pros and cons depending on the needs of your application. Here is a list of the main features and benefits of Planetary Mixers vs Spiral Mixers.

Planetary Mixers


  • All Purpose Mixer used for whipping, mixing or beating a wide variety of products.

  • Multiple Speed Settings to accommodate different ingredients – Eggs, Cake Batter, Potatoes, Dough, etc.

  • Size Options: Available in tabletop and floor models.

  • Bowl Size is measured by quarts. 7qt, 12qt, 20qt, 30qt, 40qt, 60qt, 80qt and 120qt.

  • Accessories: These units generally come with an attachment hub to add on accessories like meat grinders and vegetable attachments

  • Limitations: These mixers come with a compacity chart and if exceeding or constantly running at the compacity, they will have a much shorter life span.

  • Great for Restaurants, Bakeries, Cafes, Hotels and more.

Spiral Mixers


  • Dough Mixer, great for all kinds of varieties of dough. Pizza, Bagel, Bread, etc.

  • Mixer Size is generally by Flour or Dough weight.

  • 2 Speed Setting, which is great for developing your dough.

  • First Speed helps bring the mix together into a consistent mass

  • Second Speed develops the gluten structure of the dough.

  • Accessories: These mixers come with a dough hook and attached bowl. Some models come with a removeable bowl.

  • Limitations: These mixers are only meant for dough and do not come with an accessory hub for attachments.

  • Great for Bakeries & Pizza Shops.