BakeMax BMTPS16 Double Pass 15.75” Dough Sheeter

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The BakeMax BMTPS16 Double Pass 15.75” Dough Sheeter is an efficient two stage machine featuring a front infeed and discharge.  Sheets up to 15.75” diameter dough. One operator can make up to 400 pieces per hour.


  • Body constructed of heavy duty stainless steel, including roller shaft for extra durability and ease of cleaning

  • Includes 2 sets of adjustable non-stick rollers

  • Digital controls for ease of use

  • Roller guards to meet safety standards

  • Can sheet dough between 3.94” and 15.75” in diameter

  • Dough weight: 50g – 1000g

  • Rolling thickness 0 – 4.76 mm

  • One operator can make approximately 400 pieces per hour

  • Great for Pizza Dough, Pie Crust and Pasta

  • 1 year limited warranty

Optional Accessory:

  • On / Off foot control pedal


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What’s the difference between “single pass” and “double pass” dough sheeters?

Single pass sheeters send the dough through one set of rollers. They are typically less expensive to purchase, but it may take more passes through the machine to reach the desired dough thickness. Double pass sheeters send the dough through two sets of rollers. This allows the dough to reach the desired thickness with fewer passes through the machine and saving on labor.

Can I use cold dough with my sheeter?

Dough should be room temperature before passing though the dough sheeter. Cold dough it generally too stiff and hard on the machine. Causing it to wear out the rollers and gears much quicker.


Can dough sheeters be used with gluten free dough?

It is not recommended to use dough sheeters for gluten free dough because of they hydration level is too high. Having a higher hydration level makes it difficult to achieve good results. Starch based flours usually have a high water absorption capacity, which is what most of gluten free dough it made from.

Can you put fondant though a dough sheeter?

It is not recommended to pass fondant through dough sheeters as fondant is generally too sticky for the machine. You would need to use a sheeter made specifically for fondant.